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There is an acute co-relation between simplicity and brilliance. When you understand the balance between these two properties, true excellence can be achieved in your design. ‘Trable’ is a product of such a vision. Taking a minimalism approach to furniture design, it makes use of basic shapes in its design. The name ‘Trable’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘triangle’ and ‘table’ as it consists of two wooden equilateral triangles and a rectangle fixed together with basic groove joints and a glass top. Such an arrangement gives Trable its distinctive form.

This product takes part of its form inspiration from the ancient art of origami. Complex forms created using simple folds in the origami structures. The precise paper folding skills cause the paper to take geometrical shapes. The crisp and sharp appearance of the origami structures is the core inspiration for the design.

A coffee table suitable for your living room, patio, balcony or terrace, Trable fulfils all of your requirements of having a unique minimal centrepiece to go with any of your furniture.

Simplicity Meets Brilliance: Explore Trable - Minimalist Furniture Design