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A1 Chikki

A1 Chikki

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Established in 1950 in the beautiful town of Lonavla, A-1 Chikki provides the best quality of handmade chikki (brittle). A-1 Chikki is known all over India for its finest brittle and fudge products. They requested Saypan Communications a unique packaging style for their brand which highlights the tradition in a modern way.

The shop is situated on the old Mumbai-Pune highway that goes right through the city. The presence of the shop has led the tourist and chikki lovers to call the intersection as A-1 chowk. The concept was developed in such a way that the identity of this place that is the shop itself was illustrated with details in its environment.

A picture of Chikki with each piece from their different products shows the variety of their catalogue. It carries a background that depicts the silhouette of a bar of brittle that has a bite-mark to show the playful nature of the sweet itself. The colour scheme is maintained by a combination of white and brown to maintain their brand identity.

A-1 Chikki: Tradition in Modern Packaging by Saypan