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Hummsafar Brand making the most authentic ready to eat Indian meal manufacturer. They have a range of products from Delhi ke Chole and Rice, Punjab da Rajma and Rice, Methi Thepla and Aloo sabji, and Dal Makhni and rice. They have an established brand in the food segment when they came to us for their new line of ready to eat Indian meals, we were proud to design the brand ID and product packaging design
Hummsafar were eager to develop their brand packaging.

Saypan+ developed their packages in such a way that the foodie customers could never resist the scrumptious product. All the four product packages were designed in such a way that the product photography would be the focus of the design.

Light coloured packaging were fixed for the package. The packaging graphics were added around the product photograph with a small number of doodles around the product to make the product look more attractive. The text and the graphics were creative on the packaging.

The packaging of the Hummsafar products by Saypan+ was well appreciated by the company. The changes of the packaging helped the company reach the right consumers.

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