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Bike Gyp Greece 3D

Highlights +

Jeep: This is an artwork made from compilation of different metal layers. These layers were cut in different layers in the shape of a jeep filled with people, later these layer were attached according to the stack series. The final outcome was painted with characters and suitable colors, this layered artwork created a beautiful visual with the overall outcome.

Bikes: This work is divided into two parts, the large front facing bike and the small side facing bike, this too was a metal layered artwork. Some of the layers of this artwork were plates with high gloss finish and the rest layers were hand painted. The different layers of the bike made the visuals give the effect of relief and depth.

3D Greece: This piece of artwork was a foam board art piece that was a Greece based houses display. The group of house layers one atop the other were crafted in foam board. The final outcome was painted with ad different colored house each. This art work was small in size but had a lot of detailing.

Bike Gyp Greece 3D Designs | Saypan