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We at Saypan+ believe that magic is always done through research. The acropolis wall installation in Pune is the example of the same.

Our company believes in research and experiment ideology. We always start a product making through deep research in the field related to it. The sketches are made after the research and the ideation is done several times till the final design is fixed. The same was done during the ideation of the acropolis sculpture on a residential rooftop.

It was a great challenge to make the customized wall on the 15th floor in a semi open space on rooftop just under the sky.

The pillars of the roof top were to be painted in such a manner that they match the given client brief. After a lot of research the theme for the rooftop art installation was fixed which was the Acropolis of Athens. The ancient sculpture in Greece around 2000 years old that depicts the ancient Greek culture.

This was not an easy task for our art team to paint the rooftop pillars as the wall texture was uneven and flecked. But they did their best to paint the realistic symbols of the acropolis on the walls and made the total ambience look like Greece itself.

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Saypan: Discover the Magic of Acropolis Wall Installation in Pune