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colate & bake - Box Packaging design

Colate & Bake

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Who cannot resist the rich aroma of organic chocolate and the taste of a chocolate cake blend? No one…Right! An exciting product always needs an exciting packaging in order to highlight its rich flavor. A great product with a mediocre packaging does not stand out in the market rather it is well said that “It is the packaging that communicates”

The human mind always perceives an object through the visual senses rather than smell, taste and touch. It is proven through research that it is the visuals that sell. The challenge while designing the products for chocolate compounds for Colate and cake packages for Bake to accurately highlight the incomparable flavor of the product.

The right use of product photographs directly from the studio were used to make the design authentic. This was a fresh packaging campaign which was based on conceptualization and product photography which later came out to be successful.  

Indulge in Rich Organic Chocolate Bliss with Colate Bake Packaging