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You need to study and form branding guidelines from scratch for Precious Metals Mining Company. Fiction Brief – the brand hailing from north America is engaged in extraction of gold, silver and platinum resources by mining, the company is more then 100 years into its activity of mining. The company is not into making any jewellery out of this business, the sourced metal process for cleaning and export to various countries in raw form. Students need study the natures of business by researching existing companies and come up – Suitable Name for company – Tag Line – Logo Design – Brand Identity – Stall Design – 2 Page Brochure Design – Branding Guidelines – Colour Scheme Guidelines.


1. Study metal mining industry outside india.

2. Create a mood board for design inspiration.inlcude sketching

3. Select appropriate media for branding

4. Any other integration which can add value to brand

5. Links or references for research must be specified.


· Basic brand research, Ideation sketches, design options (minimum 3), and sketch and 3D renders (minimum 3).

· Details about practical production technique for manufacturing your product.

· Proper presentation while submission

· Please specify the software that you will be using.


31st August 2022

Registration is mandatory for submission


1. Innovative Interpretation of the brand’s design

2. General creativity in defining the brand.

3. Colour scheme, branding guidelines of designs

Price for winning entry is – INR 5000/-

Create a fictional Precious Metals Mining Company brand – Name Suggestion/Logo Designs/Brand Identity/Stall Design/2 Pag -