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Imagine a beautiful evening with the sun dipping through the horizon, the skyline with a gradient of violet and orange, the warm autumn wind brushing your skin. Saypan presents the Crescent to enjoy this beautiful evening by being one with the nature. A multiple seating bench that allows you to relax in a beautiful park setting.

The Crescent is one of the many products designed for a landscaping project for a renowned real estate developer. It’ll be placed in green spaces such as parks, community gardens and playgrounds. It is mainly designed to cater to audience living in premium class townships.

The Crescent takes inspiration from the curved sickle shape of the waxing or waning moon. This shape is designed keeping in mind the bond that we have with nature and our surroundings. This unique shape of the Crescent is an attractive feature that makes use the natural element in its immediate surrounding that is the grass to make up the rear part of the bench. The appearance of this bench will be in such a way that it will seem as if it is a sliced portion of the landscape. The exposed portion will be covered with wooden planks and will take the form of a regular bench.

Both sides of the Crescent will be used for seating. It would accommodate up to 6 individuals spaciously on either sides

Crescent - Comfortable & Ergonomic Curved Seating Solution