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The Honeycomb is designed for people to have a fun and playful experience. Its layered design allows the user to interpret its usability. Its multiple layers that can be used as seats as well as tables and can also be used for many other applications. It will mainly be placed in an outdoor setting.

The Honeycomb Bench takes inspiration from a honeycomb structure as the name suggests. Like humans, Honey bees are social creatures and live within colonies. This product urges the user to have a similar social experience.

The Honeycomb Bench is adequate to accommodate up to 8 individuals or more. Accurately designed in wood this bench gives the users a spacious and multifunctional space in public areas. This design is a benchmark in its own field as it visually looks complete and precise as well as the productivity and multi functionality make it stand out from others.

Saypan- Versatile Outdoor Fun: Honeycomb - Your Playful Seating Solution