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How to Design Office Spaces That Express Your Brand?

He recent times have seen a transition in the way offices are designed. Now, there just aren’t many takers for a boring gray cubicle jungle with dull walls!

Modern-day office spaces are no longer just a functional place of business. Ask a knowledgeable brand consultant and they’ll tell you that the offices are very much a tangible expression of the company or brand. Organizations want to mold physical workspaces to create a happy work culture marketable to the entire world. This further demonstrates a strong brand identity and boosts their core values. These offices have paved a way for branding as well. 

Here are four office design tips to ensure your brand stands out.

  • Define Your Brand Values

    A well-branded space supports the visual brand by supporting the mission and purpose. You would want to establish a personality for your brand.

    Ask yourself how your business helps people and how will a customer perceive your brand.

    One of the best ways to truly get to the core of your brand identity is to ask those working on the project to think of five words that describe your business and five words that describe your customers. Further, you can discuss with a brand consultant to understand how close or far are the responses from the original idea, in order to bridge the gap.

  • Identify the Prominent Areas

    A brand should be expressed everywhere from an organization’s front door to the break room, showcasing it consistently to employees and clients. Being aware of the most important areas in your office will help in establishing guidelines for behaviors you want to encourage or discourage there.

    A subtle way to achieve visual unity is to break your logo into its most basic geometric shapes and incorporate those into your office space. For instance, the reception area is the first touchpoint for your client. This is a bright opportunity for your brand to clearly state who you are and what you do. Something to include in your brand strategy.

  • Pay Attention to Color Schemes

    The color is an important factor in branding, but bold bright colors that work great when you want to attract clients can be overwhelming for people in a workspace environment. Instead, consider blending neutral colors with the muted colors of your brand to create the perfect office color scheme.

    The company logo can also be a great starting point when choosing the color scheme of your office. Additionally, you should be creative with colors and even step outside your comfort zone and choose radically different colors to emphasize your company’s unique drive and aesthetic vision. Again, having a well thought out branding strategy here would make this process much easier.

  • Delivering a Statement with Furniture and Decor

Something that has emerged with the recent rise of the startups is how an office looks and functions. For instance, for years, professional work chairs were synonymous with offices. And yet, one could say that startups brought the bean bags and avant-garde meeting rooms to fashion.

Elements that very well reflect a more flexible, youthful, and fun appeal of a brand and its work culture. Even decorative pieces of wall art and illustrations can create a solid impact.

Interestingly, over the last few years, quite a few major companies have adopted these new age office aesthetics. Be it Youtube, Google, LinkedIn or Apple – everyone has chosen to design offices that work not just as a place of work. Rather, they are an extension of the brand and its core values and beliefs. This is something achievable with a great branding team or branding agency at work.

How to Get Your Office Design Right?

Follow a simple rule for this: Introspect to understand everything your brand is about. Think of the kind of culture you’d like to promote in your work space. See how you can build a strategy around these thoughts and implement it. Be experimental. Use wall arts, illustrations, offbeat themes. And most of all, feel free to consult professionals who can tell you exactly how your office can reflect your brand.

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Ready to redefine how your office should look?

Expressive Workspaces: Designing Offices That Define Your Brand