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Tea Bag Packaging Mockup

Pro Tips to be used while designing your packages

Packaging designing has come a long way over the years. Whether it’s coffee cups from Starbucks, or burger boxes from Burger King, you can find various kinds of packaging everywhere. Yet designing it is a task that requires meticulous planning and execution.

merchandising and branding for you.

After all, it is more than just decoration, it is a part of customer experience since there is a deep connection between packaging a product and the brand it represents.

Here are some pro tips that you should consider as you plan the right packaging for your product !

  • Simplicity sells

Simple packaging designing has emerged as one of the leading trends in the recent times. With a minimalistic packaging design and a touch of simplicity, the value of your product can increase manifolds. A simple, well-thought design combined with some creative illustrations can win over customers and help build the much essential brand value that every business seeks.

  • Importance of investment and innovation

One cannot underestimate the importance of good packaging for their brand. Since it is essentially one of the primary connections of the product with a customer and their first experience with your brand, investing time and money in packaging never goes waste. With research and innovation, you can convey the right message or story of your brand to the customer, and all your efforts and resources spent in ensuring this can prove to be worth it!

  • Legibility and font

With a font size and design large and appealing enough to majority of the consumers, your packaging can ensure that it makes the product is easily noticeable in the store. It is also worth noting as mentioned before that a simple yet innovative design can prove to be the game changer. Packaging designs that stir emotions and rouse excitement or amazement never lose their value. Hence, an interesting, legible font can give the packaging a touch of delight!

  • Use of high quality, eco-friendly material

    Without incorporating good quality raw material in a packaging design, the product can tend to break or crumple under pressure, or during its journey to the store. The importance of researching and investing in quality material which does not harm the environment cannot be stressed enough. Bio degradable products have become need of the hour and a business can no longer escape its obligation to ensure its packaging conforms with environment safety!

    importantly, appealing yet subtle!

  • Ensuring the product feels in place!

Packaging requires proper consideration of where the product is eventually going to be placed. For obvious reasons, the same packaging design might not work for 2 different products, one to be placed in the store shelf, the other as a stand-alone product in the center of the store. Hence, it should be designed keeping in mind where it is heading!

Panipuri Packaging Design

A proper packaging design, once completed and ready to be implemented might still lack that “something”.  It could be the lack of some essential elements like a subtle color combination, or a misplaced logo that might fit better in a slightly different position. An afterthought decision implemented late sometimes can make the packaging a perfect success element!

Saypan -best ad Agency Building a brand value around packaging is a clever and essential strategy that can pay off well in the long term. Hence, make sure your designs reflect and reinforce the brand it represents!

Package Design Expertise: Pro Tips For Stunning Packages