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Terms And Conditions


Entrants may either make a submission individually or as a team, specific to the competition. Competition entrants are prohibited from sale, assignment or transfer of any of their submission rights to a third party. Once the final submissions are sent, no additional changes, or edits can be made. Each participant will be sent a confirmation email notification within seven days upon the submission of the final entry.

Competition Disqualification

Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd holds the right to disqualify any submission that are non-compliant to the competition guidelines, that do not meet the rules and regulations or is found to contain any identifying sign or mark that can contribute to the identity of the entrant. All submissions after the closing date for the competition shall be automatically disqualified. Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd shall be under no obligation to notify the entrant or participant of the disqualified entry or submission.

Competition Cancellation / Withdrawal

The right to cancel or suspend or alter the rules of the competition at any point in time is held by Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd, if deemed necessary in its opinion and if circumstances arise outside its control.

Competition Integrity
Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd undertakes to scrupulously protect the integrity of the competitions by providing a unique registration number to each of the submissions, which will be the only identifier for the particular submission. This means the digital board received will be stored under their registration numbers, with the complementary information kept in a separate document. Apart from the unique registration number, any drawing, illustration, or narrative should not bear any marks, logos, symbols or sign that may identify its authority or source, and infringement of these rules will lead to immediate disqualification. The jury panel may be disclosed, subject to the particular competition, before or after the evaluation and declaration of the results of the competition, with the sole rights of the final decision to do so resting with Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd.

Winner Selection / Jury’s Decision
Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd determination of any winning entry or submission through its panel of jury members will be final. If under any circumstances a selected winning entry cannot accept, receive or is ineligible for the award for any reason, the highest ranked entry from the top shortlisted or remaining entries that meet the winning requirement shall be deemed to be the winner. Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd’s association with the jury members do not imply any legal association, affiliation, contract or partnership in any way, shape or form.

 Awards and Prizes

The awards and prizes shall be advertised with each competition, however, the right to add, alter or introduce additional awards and prizes will be held by Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 

Student entrants will be required to submit proofs of their student status for any competition, should the submission be selected as one of the winning entries.  Failure in doing so shall/may result in disqualification and lead to forfeiture.

In case of monetary awards, all bank account details into which the prize money is to be paid must match with that of the registered individual or team leader. All state and local taxes on the value of the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.

If the winner chooses not to accept the prize, an alternate winner will be chosen. If the winner fails to return any award or prize notification requested detail within fourteen days of the attempted first notification may result in disqualification and the prize will be forfeited.

Ownership and Copyright 

The ownership of copyright in the work of all submissions shall remain with Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. No entrants or participants shall receive or be entitled to receive any payment in any form for submission or for granting Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd any right herein, other than for being selected as the winning entry of the competition.

Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd shall treat an entry or submission as being eligible to enter the competition under Indian Intellectual Property Laws. The competition participants agree to share their entries for making publication based on competition results by entering the competition.


If charges of plagiarism are made against an entrant, the charges are to be addressed at the earliest by the accused entrant. Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd holds the right to take down the content from all its channels until the matter is resolved.


By entering the competition, the entrant acknowledges and accepts that all aspects of any submission narrative, description, details, images, illustration and animation may be used for publicity purposes by Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd holds the right to publish such material in whole or in part, or use them in any way it sees fit in connection with this website or its competition without permission of the entrant or payment for such use, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

By submitting your entry to the competition, you the “entrant” provide Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd with a limited, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, worldwide, royalty-free license (but not the obligation), whose license is effective till perpetuity, to use, copy, modify, translate, and/or adapt, distribute, publicly display by any means and in any media and create derivative works of your entry solely in connection with the inclusion of your entry in activities related to, and the promotion of, the competition and the particular project, without any further notice or remuneration to you.

These rights shall be applied to all existing or future media, and in particular all physical, optical, magnetic, analogical, digital and electronic media, including media such as hardcopies, cd-roms, dvd-roms, hard disks, computers and servers, the internet, all private or public telecommunication networks, by cable, satellite, radio networks, etc.

By submitting your entry to the competition you also give Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable license in perpetuity, to display and archive your entry on Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd’s social networking / media pages in relation to the competition. Any credits will be with the name you supply for the competition.

Privacy Policy

Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd is aware of your privacy and its importance. Any information collected on our site is used only for processing and administration of your competition entry according to the competition guidelines, rules and regulations and optimize your visit to our site from your personal experience. 

Our Collected Information

The information we collect are either from you directly or through the cookies that your browser stores in your computer. These cookies do not allow us access to your personal computer, neither do they store any personal or payment details. The personal information collected is mainly used for competition submission administration and processing (according to the competition terms and conditions). We may sometimes also monitor site usage and traffic patterns to improve our site functioning and services. We may also use your details to keep you informed of future competitions or promotions.

Data Protection
Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd will hold and use your personal data strictly according to the Indian laws. Only your name and affiliation shall be shared for the purpose of publication of submissions on third party platforms.

Security Policy

Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd is aware of your safety and security, for which all sensitive information are collected and processed through a secured system.


These terms and conditions are governed by and in accordance with the Laws of India.

General Indemnity

You agree to indemnify Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd fully from and against all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, legal fees arising out of any breach of these conditions by you or any other liability arising out of your use of the site.


The entrant agrees to release, indemnify, defend any party from any liability, any claim for damages, and/or lawsuit for or by reason of the mentioned submission as a result of any submission, revision, alteration or similar thereof. The entrant also acknowledges and agrees and therefore covenants not to sue or make any claim against any party related to an entrant’s submission or any individual participation or involvement in the competition in any way whatsoever, or any use thereof.

Under no circumstances shall or can the entrant be entitled to any loss or damage, which include attorney’s fees. Any dispute, claim and legal action arising from or connected with this competition, or any prizes awarded or potentially awarded therein, shall be resolved without resort to any form of legal action or class action.  Should an entrant choose to bring a claim against Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd or its agents the entrant shall pay Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd or any party’s reasonable attorney fees and its legal costs arising from the claim, should it fail. Nothing herein will constitute a waiver of the entrant’s or participant’s legal rights or any rights any party may have to take against the entrant or the participant. 

Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd will not be responsible or liable for any lawsuit or claim against any of its judges or selector panel, emanating from their professional conduct or otherwise.

Unless clearly stated, all competitions are design concept only and do not imply in any way, an intention for the proposals to be physically constructed or built.


Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt.Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The responsibility is of the entrants to keep a check regularly if any changes have been made to these terms and conditions.

Notification About Changes

Whenever there is any change in the privacy policy, or in the method of  collection or use of information, it will be reflected on the website,. The Entrant will be given the opportunity to agree or disagree with the same. Although in case of any discrepancy, Saypan Communications and Consultants Pvt. Ltd‘s decision will be considered final.

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