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This unique and stunning piece of art is the Saypan’s perception of agility on a personal, natural and ceremonial stage, consisting of components reminiscent of power of nature and the human mind. Each of the 110+ wood and metal components of this creation are representative of some form of agility, speed and alertness and connected to the wall without support, to retain the artistic sanctity and unity of the pieces.

The artist’s creative eye envisions this piece of art as a confluence of female, male and animal energies reinforced with the power of technology, to coalesce into the final product destined for eternity. The female energy conceives the idea and builds a community around it to nourish till it achieves immortality by serving its cause. The Banyan tree, a universal symbol of life represents the realisation of the idea and its purpose. Pronghorn (Antelope) and leopard are the mobilisation of the idea through swift supple movements designed for instant action.

The eagle is a connection to divine life and power. The eagle delivers the ideas to Man who uses technology (Mic) to instantaneously stimulate, inspire others to initiate the creation process.  The seamless, tech-driven production and communication of ideas in incubation and implementation is symbolically depicted through robots, machines, binary codes, satellites and connecting lines. Hexagon flanking the masculine cast, is a shape found in abundance in nature such as in the honeycomb. This shape represents optimal utilization of storage, intellect, co-ordination and perfect symmetry. The entire artwork is sprinkled with honeybees representing coordination and convergence of nature’s creativity with man- made artificial intelligence, cloud computing and hi-tech. The thumb impression indicates individualism, perfection and exclusivity of the process. This piece of art is a choreographed panorama of elements from nature, science, technology, and human life depicting agility in various forms.

Saypan Wall Art: Unleashing Agility with Nature and Technology