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B.M.C software C.E.O cabin:

As well said by scholars “Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space”. Abiding by this quote, we at Saypan+ made the first ever abstract wall piece of the company specially designed for the renowned architects for the company C.E.O. of B.M.C software in Panchsheel IT Park Pune.

The whole concept behind the art installation was to make a wall piece specially designed for the C.E.O cabin of B.M.C software.

The main challenge behind the work was to design a suitable work for a gypsum wall which could only hold a weight of 12 to 15 kgs with an offset of 50 mm.

The art work was specially designed in an aluminium plate to solve the problem of weight above the plate high finish glossy mirror plate was attached above this, a frosted glass covering was fixed to make the design more professional and less reflective. This circular plate contained an abstract sand shape made from a complex chemical compound and was later painted in suitable shades.

This piece was attached using clamp pasting method which was lab tested for the strength. This work and its precision gained the appreciation of the company and the renowned world famous architects.

Saypan Art Installation: B.M.C. CEO's Abstract Masterpiece