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Ambekar Paint

Ambekar Paint

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What is a 360’ graphics and advertising solution for a company? Well… that is what Saypan+ gave to Ambekar Paints, started back in 1970 is a renowned Pune based firm which works with various wall paints and exterior paints. We started the branding campaign of this brand from 2018.

We at Saypan+ undertook the responsibility of overall Branding needs of the firm that contained the whole rebranding of the company. The needs ranging from the redesigning of the logo, mascot, brochures, hoardings, company calendars, newspaper ads, bucket designs, social media posts to stationery designs.

The company was highly amused by the precision of work we delivered them. This job was a gearing startup for the Saypan
+ which built confidence of our designers for the later excelling projects onboard.

Saypan : Ambekar Paint Branding | Logo, Mascot, Brochures, Hoardings