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Wall Painting – Bora

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People often mistake wall painting as an easy and basic job whereas the picture is completely different, Wall painting always needs various skills ranging from ideation to the final finishing part. Wall painting is the representation of the ideation on a huge canvas which is the wall.

We at Saypan have always seen new risks as opportunities. The wall painting for Bora group was precisely done by Saypan. The whole concept for the company, as it was based on mobiles and other connectivity accessories was to design a space that would be interactive to digital gadget consumers.

 The final outcome of the painting was finished and precise. The whole painting content depicted the usefulness of gadgets and how connectivity bought change ranging from the rural areas to the highly connected urban spaces. Different characters with different facial expressions was the golden point of the whole design. This design was successful in creating interaction in the given space.

Interactive Wall Painting For Bora Group by Saypan