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The concept of Infinity is considered as a major topic in the fields of physics, mathematics and philosophy. It is an entity that is by its very nature unattainable, no matter what happens or how long it takes. Different cultures have put forth different theories that include their concept of infinity. A number of abstract ideas like the origin and shape of the universe, meaning of time, the concepts of infinite God and infinitesimal soul were the subject matter of academic discussions during the Vedic period in India. Since ancient times people have argued over the existence of infinity in nature. Saypan+ wants to highlight this relation of infinity with the physical world we live in through its concept art installation.

One’ is an art installation by Saypan+ that provokes thought in the viewers’ minds about the endless possibilities that we can achieve in technology and development with being in sync with nature and the world that we live in. ‘One’ is designed as a two-part installation, the components being – Infinity and Cosmos.

Infinity –

Adorned with glossy chrome finish, the infinity is mounted on a 3 ft. wooden base. The infinity represents the unending process of evolution of the world around us and the continuous expansion of the universe. The chrome finish is used to signify the reflection that we project through our actions that affect our future generations. The whole piece will be made through multiple parts but visually it will seem as if it’s made from a single piece so as to enhance the concept of continuity.

Cosmos –

Made from an actual wood, this will be used as a base for Infinity. This wooden piece will have a deliberate grunge look to compliment the chrome finish of Infinity. Linear pattern will be engraved on this piece through which an LED light strip will be passed. This will be the visual depiction of the co-operational relation that nature and technology have.

This installation is designed for indoor public spaces in corporate offices. Spaces such as main waiting areas, entrance hallways, and receptions are suitable for this art installation. Clean sophisticated interiors with modernist architecture might be the best match for this particular installation because of its grunge appearance. This contrast of two completely different visual elements will enhance its beauty.

The concept of infinity and its relation with the cosmos may not be fully understood by mankind yet but ‘One’ is a reminder to humanity that we should always fuel our curious nature and dare to ask – Why?

Dimensions –

Infinity – 48 x 22 x 11.5 inches

Cosmos – 107 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches

One -