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Cygnus is a concept art installation which displays the form of a floating Swan. Cygnus involves a series of laser cut stainless steel plates. The steel plates will be organised in such a manner that they will act as cross sectional cutaways of the solid swan form. This will create an illusion of the artwork being invisible from one particular angle.

 The name Cygnus is derived from the Latin name of Swan and a constellation as well. This bird unlike others seems visually more aesthetic in nature. The curvy long neck is the specific feature that is taken into consideration. Swans have been revered to be the symbols of purity since ancient time where it be Hinduism or Norse mythology.

As the Vedas suggest, the swan is the ultimate symbol of ‘VIVEKA’, meaning the right knowledge or the discernment knowledge that differentiates between the right and wrong. Wrongs are always considered to be the outcome of ignorance and the fulfilment of knowledge causes the mind to see clearly. Hence the swan is made semi invisible to highlight the ‘VIVEKA’ perspective of ignorance and truth.

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