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Kinetic Décor

Kinetic Décor

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The kinetic décor series is a collection of 3 décor pieces – Kudu, Roto and Spire. These products are aimed at corporate audience which have to deal with high stress work environment. These products are designed with the intent of inducing calmness and peace of mind to the user. These products make use of soothing flawless motions, lights and sound essential for stress relief at workplace.

These products make use of a combination of two materials – Gold, an inanimate metal with a lustrous shine and Wood, the very essence of life belonging to the botanic world of growth and development. This combination of two contrasting elements adds to the soothing emotion that the product delivers.

These products consist of an electronic assembly powered by a microcontroller which makes the product perform various iterations of angular motions like speed control, direction control, etc. Further research and development is going on to integrate technology like touch, motion sense, voice command, voice recognition, face recognition, etc.


Tortilis is a kinetic décor product that has a unique form. Tortilis takes its inspiration from the double helix structure like that of a DNA strand. When a rotational motion is applied to this unique form, a kind of an optical illusion is formed where the main piece of the artwork seems to be moving in a vertical manner. The soft flawless motion of this artwork is aimed to induce a calm and soothing effect to the viewer.

Tortilis consists of a synthetic resin based polymer base with wooden finish which houses all the electronics. The central metal piece rotates standing on this base.

  1. Pluvia

Pluvia, as the name suggests, takes its inspiration from the motion of raindrops in a rainfall – brisk and continual. The regular and predictable pattern of the rain compels our brains to process it as a calm, non-threatening noise. We have tried to replicate this visual pattern in this product.

Pluvia involves two cylindrical metal screens with oppositely replicated patterns. When these metal screens will start rotating in clockwise and anticlockwise manner respectively, it’ll causing the patterns to intertwine and create an optical illusion. The patterns created by the screens will recreate the raindrops’ motion in a calm and peaceful fashion. Pluvia makes use of a speaker to create pink noise that the rain projects. also has a light integration and can be used in scenarios with low brightness.


Spiralis’ design consists of three parts – base, central piece and a screen. The central piece in Spiralis has a uniquely twisted form which passes through the wooden screen through a straight slit. This kind of motion when viewed seems impossible physically. But based on the principles of physics itself, these kinds of optical illusions are possible. Such an interaction with different components of the same product with each other integrated with angular motion is the appeal this product presents.

An advance version of these products is under development. This will be used for an interactive product display. These versions will be scaled up taking into consideration an increased weight bearing capacity of up to 3kgs. This advanced version will be aimed to be used in retail and exhibition marketing. It’ll be intended to have an interactive motion and sound based response through an LED based interface.*

Kinetic décor pieces - Kudu, Roto & Spire