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Alpha planters are exclusively designed for highly professional spaces. The pipes are bent to a specific radius to attain the desired structure. The desired pipe structure was basically made to be utilized for planting small plants. The basic visualization was taken in to the mind with a thought towards exclusive design and productivity.

S-Planter: Abstraction is a step towards sophistication. S-planter is made on the balance principle. The complete pipe was bent into two areas at same radius and twisted in the middle which made half of the structure the base and half of it the main standing planter. The whole structure is painted black with golden flat rings on both the endings. Black and gold form a sense of sophistication when used together.

U-Planter: This planter was based on two structures, two separate u’ shaped pipes. The pipes were attached to one others in a way that they made a vision of levitation. The principal of compression and tension simultaneously in effect made the overall structure to stay in the desired position.

Planters Feature Pipes in Abstract Designs for Professional Spaces