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tara mulchand

Tara Mulchand

Tara Mulchand

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Being one of the best sweet marts from Pune, Tara Mulchand Sweets have been leaving there mark in the field of sweets and namkeens since 10 years. The lip smacking flavors and tangy namkeens are the qualities that add to the mark.

Saypan took the 360’ solution for this mart, with the proper and accurate consumer knowledge we designed a fresh branding formula for the firm. We helped the brand development through designing the logo, display branding, digital branding, creative packaging boxes and jars, backlit sign ages, hoardings, export packaging , collectively these helped the company build a strong brand identity in the market.

Fresh branding solutions need a deep understanding of the products as they form the base to creative visualization. TMS later came out in the market as an strong identity through its branding.

Tara Mulchand Sweets: Saypan 360° Branding Success Story