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Twister is a futuristic concept of furniture design. This product is designed keeping in mind the Avant-Garde style of architecture. Use of organic forms and fluidic structures in the current trend of architecture is rapidly increasing. Commercial spaces nowadays require furniture that will suit this particular style of architecture. Twister fulfils this requirement with its unique and innovative design.

Twister will be used as a shared seating arrangement in public settings such as office areas, cafeteria, commercial spaces, etc. It can be used in an indoor as well as an outdoor environment. This product will consist of a wooden base which will then be coated by stainless steel sheets so as to give its lustrous appearance.

The design derives its inspiration through simplicity in form. Twister is designed to appear as if it is made from a single piece of material which will enhance its organic form.

This minimalistic approach towards the design goes hand in hand with Avant-Garde architecture. This minimal design also ensures the correct balance between function and aesthetics.

Twister would accommodate 4 individuals spaciously.

Twister - Futuristic Fluidic Furniture for Avant-Garde Commercial Spaces