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The Luxurious Design Language - Behind the Glass: 30 Years of Legacy – Saypan Redefines the Branding Experience of Lady J Studio's Stained Glass Artwork.

Lady J Studio's Stained Glass Artwork

The Genesis of Lady J Studio

Only a handful of stories in the world of art and design can match the excitement of Lady J Studio: a union of traditional workmanship and contemporary sensibilities. This family enterprise is helmed by a mother-daughter duo, Miss Jasmine Jehangir and Simone Jehangir Shroff. With inspiration drawn from the opulence of the Tiffany glass technique, they further infused said technique with their deep love of art, glass, and music. The mix of media not only made their work different but also reflected the intimate interplay between these forms of expressions.


The Influence of Jazz and Art

The name ‘Lady J Studio’ is also inspired by Billie Holiday, the legendary jazz singer known as ‘Lady Day’. The name fits as the studio pays a great deal of respect to the world of art and culture inherent in every piece of stained glass work. With experience of three decades and more, Lady Jehangir and her daughter Simone keep alive not just the legacy of stained glass art but also suitably reinterpret it to be relevant and acceptable in the modern scenario.


The Role of Saypan Communications

collaboration with Saypan Communications was very critical in the evolution of Lady J Studio, whose remarkable challenge at hand was to translate Lady J’s artistic vision into something very real, a brand identity that speaks of luxury and elegance.


Elevating Everyday Elegance: A Consumer's Experience with Luxurious Design Language

A world in which each detail counts will give ordinary objects an unparalleled elegance of experience with a luxurious design language. It is an aesthetic redefined that every piece speaks of, ranging from the sleek sophistication of the stationery to the polished professionalism of the visiting cards. The look and feel of box packaging transform even the most ordinary of items into treasures, while bespoke bags serve as a reminder of this luxury at every turn. The lookbook is a work of art, a journey led by experience for the consumer, and the imagery is beautifully curated. Cognitively conceived ribbons will tie the whole together so from that very first moment of unboxing, every moment is singly luxurious and equally personal.


Box Mockup

Saypan Elevates Lady J Studio: An Art and Elegance Fusion in Packaging and Branding

Pioneering in the language of luxurious design, Saypan goes on with its 30-year-old legacy by breaking further into a redefinition of Lady J Studio’s experience, now redefining into that of branded artwork, with masterpieces in stained glass. The company handles everything from meticulous packaging design, innovative solutions in box packages, and the utilization of illustrations, thereby enhancing the visual and tangible appeal of each piece.

Artwork installations, coupled with the brilliant pouch design and overall elegant illustrations, drive the message home of product design according to Lady J Studio’s ethos in art. This strategic approach helps not only the packaging but also the overall branding of the products—taking on a complete, wholesome experience of an art installation that draws and captures an audience.

Working with Lady J Studio has been a six-month project with numerous meetings and deep insight into market trends in India, Asia, UK, and USA. The endeavor was to build a common vision for a globally recognized art form of Lady J and an identity that it could boast about within the world marketplace.


Both Bags

Marketing Research and Strategy

Our approach was firmly placed on the bedrock of market research, whereby we studied a few factors concerning the art and decor industry. We studied consumer behavior, patterns of design, and tactics used by the competition in various geographic locations. This well-rounded grasp helped us form a brand positioning representative of Lady J’s artistic philosophy and which would be appealing to multiple target groups across the globe.


Developments in Packaging and Presentation

We put our focus on developing more than just branding; a great amount of packaging solutions, lookbooks, large-scale presentation books were created resonating with the luxurious, detailed qualities of Lady J products. We really pulled out all the stops with materials here, integrating golden foiling to truly sky-rocket the visuals with that touch of opulence that transforms the way brand offerings feel in one’s hand.


Lady J Studio's Product Range

Lady J Studio has a great collection with over 500 products in four categories: Art and Decor, Furnishings, and Lighting. Each product reflects this in quality and taste.


Art and Decor

The Art and Decor collection encompasses all types of works, from elaborate stained glass panels to custom sculpture features. All these are done with quality in mind and hence, a piece of decor is also a heritage piece that speaks volumes about fine craftsmanship. Furniture and Lighting The other two product realms in which Lady J Studio designs products are functional but, at the same time, artistic are Furnishings and Lighting. The lighting items can be seen to be the core items that add value to the ambiance of a place.


The Touch of Elaborate Craftsmanship

Attention to detail in design

Each Lady J product involves careful planning and accurate execution. Many prototypes and design refinements later, it is finally the case that each piece gets the kind of detailed attention that the studio is known for. This kind of detail makes its way into the finished products and carries with it the mark of the idiosyncratic vision of Lady J.


Sustainability and Artistry

In the time of sustainability, Lady J Studio attempts to incorporate in the production processes an approach sensitive to the environment. That is the element of sustainability it delves into, one which compromises not the artistic quality of its products but one which further shores up the appeal of the products among clientele that values aesthetics and environmental responsibility.


we merge the timeless beauty of Tiffany glass with the innovative spirit of digital art. Our latest project involves creating detailed digital illustrations that capture both the essence and the intricacies of the artists at work. These illustrations not only highlight the meticulous process of crafting Tiffany glass artwork but also celebrate the artistic journey. This fusion of classic art techniques with modern digital tools not only honors the legacy of traditional glassmaking but also opens new avenues for artistic expression in the digital age.




Artistic Excellence Legacy With strategy support from Saypan Communications, Lady J Studio is proven to be a beacon of artistic innovation with a touch of traditional craftsmanship—not just in the creation of beautiful objects, but as an inspiration for others and in the appreciation of the enmeshed storylines of art, music, and culture. Moving forward, Lady J Studio will be committed to furthering this world with the richness of its visually beautiful and culturally meaningful creation, ensuring a legacy for stained glass art to inspire the future.

Luxury Redefined: Saypan & Lady J Studio's Art Legacy