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Art Installation

Our wall and art installations are built around a theme and concept that shares your philosophy and style in an extraordinary way. Our process-driven approach covers everything from understanding your requirement to site visits, in-depth research of a topic, sketching, prototyping at an in-house workshop facility with access to the latest technology and equipment, getting feedback and opinion from the relevant people, reviewing, reworking, and finally producing and installing our masterpieces on site under SAYPAN+

We’ve worked closely with architects and designers for indoor, outdoor installations, including the special use of new media and kinetic art installations further enhance the experience of it. Our love for corner art pieces is visible in many of our works just like our explorations with an endless list of materials like clay, thread, rope, resin, wood, metal, fabric, stone, leather, brass, bone, cane, rattan, wrought iron, resin, epoxy, mother of pearl, antiques, and recyclable material of all kinds, among other things.

In a unique juxtaposition of science, art, and technology, some of our most futuristic, exciting, aesthetic, and engaging pieces of work fall under the banner of Kinetic Art Installations. Interactive narratives  designed to invite you into a world of private contemplation, this mesh of software and hardware based pieces weave the physical, emotional, sensorial, and digital experiences into one.

Art installation Custom-Built Around Your Theme & Philosophy | SAYPAN+