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Shivam Steel

Shivam Steel

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What is a corporate film? The answer is very simple, it is a short clip that introduces the company and the product brief within a couple of minutes. Shivam steel is a leading brand in Chakan, Pune that manufactures high grade steel pipes in various shapes and sizes.

The corporate film was to be designed for the same company. The main challenge was to fit maximum client brief in a fraction of minutes.

According to the company requirements the selection of camera was done which supported 4d shoots. A corporate film has a huge impact on the turnover of the company as it targets the consumers visually.

Corporate films are a type of visual market advertising which need to be innovative in order to stand out. The use of innovative visualization with the help of drones and animation was taken into consideration in this campaign. With a detailed brief and 4 dimensional visualization the video output was found to be fruitful for the firm.

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Shivam Steel Corporate Film: Innovative Steel Pipe Manufacturing