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Bora 121

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121 is a brand that markets excellent quality of technology products like mobile handsets and audio accessories like Bluetooth earphones and headsets. The brand heads from India and is successful in fulfilling customers technology needs. The audio accessories the company manufactures have a next level sound clarity and quality. High bass products make the company stand out from the rest.121 is a brand made available by the Bora group of industries.

The company approached Saypan+ for their graphic and product packaging design needs. Hoardings were also proposed to increase the sales of the company and introducing the products to the market.

121 manufactures products namely sonic earphones, Bluetooth earphones, car and charging adapters and Tork mini mobile handset. The hoarding and product packaging design for each product was done according to the company’s brief.  Light green colour was decided for the overall design of all packages to give the gadgets a funkier look, black and white were used for text and other printed graphics. The image of each product was the center piece of each design to highlight the content of the gadget in the package.

The hoardings of the products were made in such a way that they guaranteed the viewers’ attention. Technological blue backgrounds, People from the youth and natural scenes were taken for the background of the hoardings to show the quality and the voice strength of the products. For detailed study observe the hoarding designs attached below.

The designs made by Saypan+ made the product have a grand entry in the market. Consumers loved the product as well as the product packaging design which helped the company with starting sales above 20% on the first day of the product release.

Elevating Brands With Creative Product Packaging Designs