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Aurum is an indoor furniture product. This product has a simplistic form but uses high quality wood and metal for its finish. This contrast in both of Aurum’s properties creates a compliment that appeals the viewer. An abstract diagonal line from the centre of the table divides it in two pieces visually and one of the pieces will have depth of about 1mm and will be gilded with a gold sheet. Aurum is a perfect balance with a renaissance style finish and a modern minimalist form. This will be a suitable product in modernist architectural interiors.

The whole concept behind this structure is the prosperity of the environment, whether it be the wood or the finished gold. The wooden part depicts the abundant trees present in the biosphere whereas the finished gold part depicts the luxurious aspect of the nature, present in the lithosphere. Wood is abundant whereas gold is rare, this contrast of the material properties is the main limelight of the product concept.

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