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SAYPAN’s Dynamic Environmental Graphic Design Wall Art

SAYPAN creates innovative and captivating environmental graphic design wall art including Business Model Canvas walls, Agile walls, Acropolis walls and other aesthetically pleasing office walls designs to enhance your work environment. We create wall graphics or décor that provide a dynamic visual representation of business model. The art allows your team to brainstorm and innovate with ease. Our Agile walls can include customizable sections for task tracking, team collaboration and sprint planning. It fosters a culture of agility and productivity in workplace.

Brand Identity with Acropolis Wall Graphics and Office Walls Designs

We Make A Statement With Our Wall Art

The team SAYPAN makes a bold statement with Acropolis walls graphics which feature your brand’s mission, culture and values. This wall art serves as a focal point. It truly reflects the identity of your brand while creating a memorable first impression on your employees and clients alike. SAYPAN offers a wide range of office wall décor options to suit your preference for aesthetics. From modern to sleek designs, from creative to vibrant artwork, we have the resources and dedication to create a wall décor that Complements your office environment.

Custom Wall Graphics and Wall Art Decor Solutions by Our Skilled Designers

Our team of skilled designers works with you to create custom wall graphics that reflect your brand’s identity. The wall art décor solutions can be abstract artwork, environmental graphic design, geometric patterns or nature-inspired models. We have a diverse selection of wall art décor, which we have crafted with the team of creative designers, illustrators, engineers and brand strategists.

Let your working environment reflect ethos – intellectualism, determination and energy. Let it balance hard work with relaxation and enjoyment with SAYPAN wall art creation expertise.


We will only grow as big as we dream, so dream big.

wall art painting

A successful enterprise stands on the shoulders of driven, passionate and ambitious employees- so it is essential that the creative in their working environment embodies this message. The colors chosen for this particular artwork are bold and bright- with the use of reds, yellows, bright blues, and greens to simulate intellect, energy and enthusiasm in the space.

Great things happen the moment you step outside of your comfort zone, and that magic is driven by impudence and fearlessness. The central subject of the artwork is therefore a face, detailed strategically with wide-open ambitious eyes, a slightly open mouth and upraised hair. This artistically captures the tangible expression of thrill, content, and overwhelm that one experiences while chasing their dreams as well as witnessing their realization. The element of the face has been done in a contrasting color palette to bring out the design visually and emphasize on the content via comparative contrast.

Well, they do say God is in the details. Consequently the entire composition is made up of small elements of motivation. The phrases used are two to three words in length (for example: Dream Big, Joy, A Fresh Start, etc.), since that would require less attention span to read. This is an effective method to engage spatially with the staff since they can capture the experiential essence in a short glance. Such short keywords are known to inspire and refresh the otherwise preoccupied minds of the working personnel.

This visually balanced and strategically created art wall will amp up the energy of the workspace and will actively interact with the environment.

Spilling the Truths of Stock Markets

The world of stock markets appears to be concise and simple. Since it is of much significance to the company, the artwork particularly targets such misconceptions related to industry. The bottle figure on the bottom right is representative of the outer appearance of the professional arena of stock markets, which is mysteriously concise. The bottle is shown to be spilling out a vigorous and intensive amount of detail towards the left.

The various elements that constitute the world of stock markets have been included in the composition. Creative mediums have been used to showcase these, in the form of typography and logos, symbols, etc., in a manner that the employees easily identify with the art. With a lot of thoughtful references in design (the bull, currency symbols, graphs, etc.) and high amounts of detail, the style of the design is majorly urban which gives it a nice aesthetic appeal. The fact that the mural captures an action, adds kinetic character and dynamism to the design, which adds enthusiasm and agility to the room. The entire artwork has been kept in monochrome, with some amount of detailing done in bright contrasting colors to create interest.

Windows to the real world

Just as important it is to work with undeterred focus and determination, is to know when to take it easy. The only way to do great work is to love what you do, even Steve Jobs said it! Thus, it is essential to work hard but also keep an eye open for the world outside.

Young ambitious professionals can often go down the workaholic river and get immersed into the hectic corporate lifestyle. This can not only lower their productivity and agility, but also hamper the mental health of the employees. Hence utilizing the symbolic opportunities of the windows present on this wall, this artwork intends to add a dash of optimism to the workspace.

The color scheme is particularly lively and energetic to signify positivity, joy and hope. The subject of the design is a person riding a bike, off to a road to adventure beyond his goals (here, professional). The art wall has been creatively composed with elements of recreation, such as food and other forms of enjoyment in order to emphasize on the importance of the right balance of work and play. The informal style of the design accentuates the concept behind it.

Elevate your workspace with SAYPAN’s Wall Art.